Let’s meet Seekster

I bet we all have seen some flyers posted on walls or electricity poles advertising services or looking to recruit a maids or technicians. What’s happening in the fragmented market of service is about the space between customers and service providers where customer have no centralized data of the reliable service provider’s whereabouts. Some may have a regular service provider that may be reliable but will have to wait for the queue for 1 month. The pricing in the service market is fluctuated and differs by each provider making it a tough decision for customer to decide. On the other hand service provider is living in a risky condition where jobs came inconsistently.

Seekster see the problem and willing to tackle. We want you to be able to find reliable service provider that can track the background. Seekster curated each service provider and secure their information. We design the system as per Crowd Sourcing model where jobs will be distributed and you can be serviced as long as the service provider is presented in your area.

We are ready to bring Thailand to the next level tagging along service providers to the digital era. Customer like you also gain the privileged of using internet to solve your problem easily. Let us Seekster team help you with the problem that you shouldn’t be solving on your own.