No doubt that Seekster's strong commitment to provide high quality services according to the demands of the consumers is the key success factor for the company and the reason why both corporate and B2C sectors choose Seekster.

Seekster came into being in the late 2015, after the founders experienced problems in finding service providers for their day to day needs. The founders saw great potential in this business and eventually came up with Seekster!

Today, Seekster is widely known for its services and serves 120,000 customers in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Chonburi.  During the past year, Seekster experienced a growth rate of 300% to 500%. Seekster tries its best to help out the clients and tailors its services according to their demands.

Seekster team constantly comes up with new features and makes useful developments. In 2018, Seekster launched a "Subscription" service. It is a monthly service package. However, Seekster subscription is different from usual subscription offered by other companies. Seekster customers can start their service from only 2000 THB per month!

Hiring a full time traditional maid for your business is definitely more expensive. By using Seekster services, customers can choose their own service timings. For example, Seekster maids can provide service from 7-10 o'clock in the morning before the workplace opens. This is much more cheaper and convenient than hiring a full time maid which can be very expensive. Not only this but Seekster customers enjoy several other perks that traditional maid users are deprived of.

Why Seekster for Enterprise/SME?

we offer:

  1. Competitive rates save up to 25% - 40% than using regular maids
  2. Tailored services to meet your particular business needs
  3. Up to 50,000 THB liability insurance coverage
  4.  Flexible invoicing and payment options
  5. Thai National maids with zero criminal record

For more information please feel free to visit Seester's website:

In a short period of time, Seekster established itself as a market leader when it comes to providing consumer services and making blue collar jobs more efficient through the use of technology. Moreover, Seekster is looking forward to grow its business even more in coming years.

Feel free to contact the number below if interested to know more about Seekster's services. Seekster is also pleased to offer special discounts and promotions.               (Namfah : 06-2753-5998)